Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Getting back in the swing

Well, I survived the first day and a half of students!  I'm feeling quite exhausted today but overall they went well.  My kiddos that were in my class last year have transitioned nicely back to the routine of school.  It's definitely one of the perks of having kids for multiple years- they know the routine of my room and can come back with little trouble getting back in the swing of school routines.  The little changes I've made for the year have not seemed to through any of them off so far because I've stuck with the same basic structure to my day.  I have two new students this year but can't seem to get one of them to come to school!  I talked to her dad and he said she would be in school today but that didn't happen:(  I met her last year and she's a sweetie though.  I also have another new girl in my room (2 girls out of 6 kids-we're beating the odds in my room!) and while she's also a cutie she has sure been pushing her limits!  I keep adding more and more visuals to try to meet her needs and I know that within the next week or so she will get the flow of the room.  She had me RUNNING today though and boy did she think it was hilarious!  

So here's my plan for this school year as far as my schedule goes:

8:20-8:45- Breakfast and work for my students who are at school. (We consistently have bussing problems.  3 of my students come from another school district that does not have their own ASD programming.  There are 22 students on the bus that needs to get to 8 schools ALL AT THE SAME TIME. The poor kids are on the bus for 2 hours and are still almost an hour late to school!)
8:45-9:35 - Specials (My kids get music & gym)
9:40- Breakfast for students who were on bus, Gen Ed Special for my Kinder, classroom centers (these are ABC center, Fine Motor, Job Skills, Independent Work, Work with Teacher)
10:25- Everyone will be in the room!! We are going to do a reading block for as long as possible- fingers crossed for a full hour:)
11:30- Leisure time
12:05- Lunch
12:35- Calendar (I wanted to do this in the morning but I only have one period with everyone in the am and I've decided that Reading is more important)
1:00 Outdoor recess if the weather permits
1:30 Afternoon Centers (same as morning but most kids don't get through all of them in the morning)- at some point my 3rd grader will be in Specials at this time when she is ready
2:00-2:40 Math Centers
2:40- 4th grader in Gen Ed specials, Rest of class finishing afternoon centers, group project like cooking, game, or art project
3:15 Classroom Jobs (once we get into a good routine with our bus dismissal time)
3:20-3:35 Home

I did not have a Math or Reading block last year.  I did Math in the morning at Independent work and Work with the Teacher and Reading in the afternoon for the same.  However, this summer I felt I really could beef up my Math and Reading time with my students.  I've also been considering changing how I do my Morning and Afternoon centers to what I saw on The Autism Helper.  It would be amazing because I'm constantly struggling with a good way to differentiate at these time or simply find something that all my kids can do without some speeding through them.  As I get my Reading and Math blocks fully figured out I will explain what's working and what's inevitably not working.  

If you're still reading I also wanted to share something non-teaching related.  I have tried making fish in foil a few times recently and both times it turned out amazing!  It is so easy.  I'm going to try to get my husband on board so in the winter when he doesn't travel as often he can make dinner!  Here's an example from Pinterest although it's not the recipe I made:

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  1. Aww thanks for the shout out!!

    - Sasha
    The Autism Helper

    ps: I LOVE cooking fish in foil - easiest clean up ever!