Thursday, January 24, 2013

HELP!! We have some iPad obsessions

I know I have been absent from the blogging for quite some time but I've still been reading all of your great blogs!! I promise at some point soon I will post some of the fun things we've been doing but for now I just have a question: 

Many of my students are OBSESSED with the iPAD.  I know they are awesome, I'm obsessed too:)  However, it's beginning to be less of a motivator and more of a meltdown issue if they can't have them when they ask for them.  I try to do everything the way I've been 'taught.'  The iPad is used both as an educational tool and as a free choice option during free choice times in our classroom.  They also each have iPad on their schedule once throughout their day in case they are not able to get one during free choice time for whatever reason.  But it's still causing problems!  

What would you do??

I'm thinking of having an iPad free week and then gradually reintroducing them back into our room again.  I'm worried though that this will just cause a week of meltdowns and then once they are able to use them again we won't have made any progress.