Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Catching up with Teacher Week

I missed Must Haves Monday (I was enjoying my last day in NYC before returning to reality). So I am doing both before I'm 3 days behind!

My Must Haves
1. Flats! I have a pair in every basic color and also a few fun colors:)  I wear them to work almost every day and they are perfect.  I tend to pick pairs that have rubber soles so they are easy to move around in. My MUST HAVE color is definitely silver because I can wear them with almost every color of pants.  

2. 3 drawer carts- I use them for storage all over my room.  I have a drawer for each student's personal goal work.  I have one for puzzles.  I have some for student task storage.  I also use them at my center areas.  At the center areas the drawers have pull off numbers and the students know to go through the tasks in numerical order.  This also makes it easy for task areas to be cleaned up independently by the students.  (I'll post pictures of my classroom soon!)

3. Velcro- I bet this is on every special ed teacher's list of must haves!  I use it like CRAZY!  I Velcro tasks, I Velcro signs, I Velcro PECS around the room, I make adapted books using Velcro, there's Velcro everywhere and I can't imagine how my classroom would be without Velcro!

My Technology Tip

Fortunately, I have an iPad for my classroom and also one at home! I use my iPad everyday in my classroom and it really helps engage my students.
Here are some of my favorite apps:

Personal Use:
  • HBO GO- you can watch full seasons of ALL of their shows, even new episodes!
  • Netflix
  • Hulu Plus
  • Vtok- this is basically GoogleChat for iPad
  • Flixster
  • Pandora
  • AppsGoneFree- a daily list of apps that are free, they are often apps that aren't very useful but keep checking because once in a while there's a great educational one

School Use:
  • grasshopperapps.com- All of their apps are great and a lot of them are free.  They also give options for differentiation on many of them!
    • Sight Words-Photo Touch
    • Things that go Together
    • I Like Books (a collection of 30 books!)
    • Tell Time
  • Bugs & Buttons- a ton of great games that teach fine motor skills, matching, patterns, and etc.  This app is worth the few dollars it costs.
  • Fisher Price apps- they're all cute and educational
  • Adding Apples 
  • Subtracting Sardines
  • I Can Write 2
  • Toy Story Interactive Book
  • TocaBoca apps -these are student favorites and they often go free you just have to keep an eye out
    • Toca Store
    • Toca Hair Salon
    • Monster Kitchen
    • Toca Doctor
A great newsletter to subscribe to for free & discounted apps is: Technology in Special Education 

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  1. I found your blog following the Blog Hoppin' Teacher Week! I, too, am a special ed teacher...and am always looking for new ideas!

  2. I am always using velcro, too!! Special ed teachers unite over velcro!! ;) pun intended!

    Mrs. H's Resource Room