Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Unique learning system

Let me start by celebrating the fact that I just found out that Scotch Laminators are on sale!!  I couldn't help myself and I bought one (I chose the one I did because it comes with a variety of sleeves for laminating and I figure I can decide which works best for me and invest in them in bulk in the future) as well as these goodies for the upcoming school year:

I've decided to teach manners in September alongside Rules and People in our school.  Hopefully I get through it all!  I have a plan but my students may not agree with it (behaviors often limit how much I get through)!
Lite Brite!!!  I'd like to use this for my stations (in my classroom it's basically centers).  I've seen some great ideas on blogs and Pinterest and I'm excited to use some.

I saw one of these books at Target and immediately bought one but ended up gifting it to my nephew because he liked it so much.  They will be great for my kiddos because they are very reinforcing.

I bought these to go with I Spy activities in this packet I bought from the sale at Marsha McGuire's TPT store.  It's way more than I need (I only have 6 students) but I'm sure some will get lost throughout the years.

ALRIGHT, onto some more helpful information for those of you reading (I hope there's some!).  Last year when I got my job I was starting from scratch.  While there were plenty of resources in my room for teaching from they were all over the place and I wasn't sure where to start but I just did my best until...I found out my district purchased this amazing curriculum: Unique Learning Systems (the link will take you to a sample Elementary unit).  This curriculum is put together by the same company that publishes News2You if you're familiar with them.  If you're not, they're pretty great.

Why do I love Unique Learning Systems (ULS)?!?!
*The lessons are aligned with the Common Core Standards!!  Each lesson tells which CCS(s) is being addressed!!!!
*They incorporate Science, Social Studies, Math, &  Language Arts
*They include 3 levels for many of the lessons (and the levels fit most CI or ASD students!!!)
*There is a new theme each month that I can easily supplement if necessary. 
*The curriculum is revolving- there are 3 years worth of lessons and then you can either repeat them or move up to the next level.
*They have a lot of literacy experiences for the kiddos.  
*Recipes, science experiments, games, and etc.
*Many of the lessons also have online options.
*I could go on and on with all the great features of this curriculum.  And I'm not writing this to promote the company for any reason other than it's a great curriculum and I am so much better off because of it.

Let me know if you have any questions and I can do my best to answer them!

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