Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hello Blog World!

I've been wanting to start my own blog for a while but decided to wait until I was no longer planning a wedding (I got married July 28th!).  Well, it's been a few weeks since then so I think it's time.  

I discovered the teaching blog world in June 2011 and was upset I was missing out on all the wonderful resources and people for so long!  However, now that I've been a blog reader for over a year I feel that I am a better teacher because of all of the amazing teachers who are sharing their knowledge and ideas.  I hope that I can be as inspirational to others as other have been to me.

I am currently sitting in a hotel room while my husband (crazy using that word!) is at work.  He travels for his job and I decided to come along for a little while to keep him company.  I've been taking advantage of all of this time on my hands to get ready for next school year (it's been on my mind since before I finished last school year but I had to focus on the wedding).  

I started reading the link-up for Daily 5 and I was especially interested in the Special Ed teachers with self-contained classrooms who were finding it to be a successful teaching tool. As a teacher of students with Autism I'm constantly looking for new ways to help my students learn and make connections. 

 I've been working on finding a way to incorporate the Daily 5 with this amazing curriculum my district has purchased for us: Unique Learning Systems and I think I can do it! 

I feel like my first blog post is already too long but I will make my next few posts about how I will be improving my classroom for next year (last year was my first year teaching in an ASD room)!

Thanks for reading,



  1. Welcome to the blogging world! I'm an SLP, so I always look forward to information about autism.

    Oh, How Pintearesting!

    1. Thanks for the welcome and for becoming a follower:) I hope my blog will be helpful to readers.

  2. Welcome to blogging! I look forward to reading your posts! I have been teaching special education for going on 8 years and I am always learning new things about autism. I can't wait to read about your ideas. I already love that clear token economy box. The idea that they can see the reward and putting the tokens on the top...genius!