Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thirsty Thursday

Not that kind of thirsty....  I'm thirsting to get into my classroom!  My husband and I got married on July 28 and since then we've been all over the map.  We had a mini honeymoon in Traverse City (our favorite place to be and also where we got married!!)!  And now I'm following him on the road for work, first we were in Toronto and now we're in New York.  I'm sure it sounds fun and it's great spending time with him but as it gets closer to the school year beginning I just want to be home getting ready.  I've bought so many great products that I can't wait to make and I have an idea of the theme I want in my classroom and I've been collecting ideas of how to pull it off!  I also know from my brother, who is house-sitting, that all of my great buys from Amazon have been slowly arriving.  So, I'm calling today Thirsty Thursday!

There are also a gazillion pins on Pinterest that I'd like to create for new tasks for my students.  Here are my Top 3 that I'd really like to get done before September 4th when school starts for my kiddos:

Positive Behavior Support:
Token Economy Boxes- This idea came from Classroom in the Corner and I think it's perfect for my students. She has one for herself and each of her paraprofessionals.  They are filled with all the things that motivate her students as well as visuals for expectations and the coins they can earn while working.  I could see it being a good place for a social story about behavior as well. 
(click the picture to link back to my PBS pinboard)

Getting to know you activity:
Student & Staff Memory- This idea I came across last year from A Place called Kindergarten but I never used it.  This year I'm going to use it in two ways.  First, I will create a memory game of just the students and staff from our classroom.  Then, I will create a memory game of the other important staff members my students should know around the building.  With my more verbal students I will urge them to say the student/staff members name each time they flip a card.  For my non-verbal students I will work on having them match the picture to the actual person in the room (this will most likely be a hand over hand activity but that's okay), hoping to help them make the connection.  
(click the picture to get to my September pinboard)

Reading Area/Break Area:
I have a lot of limitations in my classroom as far as set up because there are many things that need to be accounted for.  I would love a cozy reading area like the ones I see in everyone's classroom pictures but for now that is just not possible in my room.  However, I think I found something that can serve two purposes:
(click the picture to get to my classroom setup pinboard)

I also want to share that Erin & Leslie at First Grade Fanatics are having a great back to school giveaway and I'm really hoping I win!  I find lower elementary curriculum to be perfect to use or modify for my class. Click the picture to get enter yourself!


  1. First off...Congratulations to you and your new husband!!

    I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and noticing the picture errors. I was fairly new to Blogland when I wrote my Independent Work post so it's safe to say I had NO idea what I was doing! :) It is all fixed now!

    I am glad that you found me. It's great to find new cross-categorical/MD teachers out there! I am your newest follower!

    Miss Allison's Class

  2. Thanks!

    I'm having plenty of bumps in the road as well while getting this blog started. I checked out your pictures. I've seen that set up in other classrooms. I have trouble finding a space in my room to do that but maybe a few years down the road with another set of students I will be able to do something similar.

    Thank you for following and I agree! When I first started reading blogs I couldn't find many special ed blogs. We seem to be multiplying though and it's great!